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About YFWM

Youth Focus West Midlands is the non-aligned network lead and support for work with young people in the West Midlands.

YFWM is the lead for the national youth work infrastucture partnership in the West Midlands Region

YFWM was established to build upon the work of the previous West Midlands Regional Youth Work Unit; continuing to work with youth work and related youth professionals, agencies and policy makers to support the development and delivery of high quality youth work opportunities for young people across the West Midlands region.

The aim of YFWM is to encourage, promote and support both individual practitioners and organisations that look to develop and deliver youth work across the West Midlands region.

At the heart of the organisation’s role is the development of clear communication routes and networks that complement a consistent understanding and approach to youth work. We believe this approach is an essential element in ensuring that young people are offered personal development experiences regardless of where they live in the West Midlands region.

YFWM leads a number of professional networks; bringing together strategic leads and specialists from across the region as well as service and professional development learning and task groups. The range of YFWM work has been reviewed and refocused. Whilst approaches need to move with the times and reflect resourcing the priorities remain the same:

  • Supporting and advocating for high quality youth work
  • Supporting strategic networks and infrastructure
  • Facilitating stakeholder collaboration and the development of common language / metrics.



Registered Charity Number 1148687
Registered Company Number 8114745